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The Streamline 5 CIJ Small Character Printing System

Squid Ink’s Streamline 5 CIJ printing system is designed to print superior quality small characters on a variety of substrates: porous, non-porous, smooth, textured, curved, concave and more. Printing up to 5 lines of text, the Streamline offers a reliable, yet cost effective solution for virtually any small character, primary package coding application.

A New Level of Technology

Streamline 5 offers users the latest in today’s technology. Unlike any other CIJ printer on the market, Streamline 5 does not require a built in display screen. Streamline 5 operates with a wireless or wired touchscreen tablet running Squid Ink’s powerful Orion software, allowing users the option of controlling their printers on the production floor, or networking multiple systems from one central location. One tablet may be used to communicate with multiple Streamline printers or any other Squid Ink case coding printer using the Orion software platform.

Maximize Your Uptime

The Streamline 5 is designed with the low maintenance features that users have come to rely on from Squid Ink. Streamline’s self-cleaning printhead with CleanJet™ maintenance routine allows quick and easy automatic start-up and shutdown. A simple press of a button commands the printer to go through a start-up cycle or flush the system for shutdown. When routine maintenance is required, components can be swapped out within minutes eliminating the need to purchase expensive filter and pump assemblies or schedule costly service calls. In addition, annual PMs can be made in minutes simply by swapping the entire ink system with an affordably priced refurbished system.

The revolutionary Streamline 5 will operate with or without a wireless tablet, or it can be networked to run from a central location.

Streamline’s entire ink system can slide out for routine maintenance or it can be completely replaced in minutes for annual PMs.

The Streanmline 5 printhead features CleanJet™ technology for automatic one button self-cleaning operation.

A comprehensive range of MEK, Acetone, or Ethanol-based inks are available for a variety of applications and industries.


  • Up to 5 lines of print
  • Line speeds up to 1000 ft/min
  • Wireless connectivity to Windows tablet
  • Automatic start-up and shut-down maximizes uptime
  • Simple maintenance with quick disconnect replacement components


  • Print Technology – Continuous Ink Jet
  • Nozzle Size – 70μm nozzle standard, 60μm and 50μm nozzle optional
  • Print Speed – Up to 1,000 feet/minute (305m/min) 7×5 font matrix
  • Max Print Lines – 5 lines @ 5×5 font, 4 lines @ 7×5 font matrix
  • Font Matrix Configurations – 5×5, 7×5, 9×7, 12×12, 16×16, 24×24, 32×32
  • Character Height – 0.07” – 0.59” (1.8mm – 15mm); up to 32 dot high font with single line of text
  • Throw Distance – Up to 1.2” (30mm) distance from printhead to substrate
  • Touchscreen / Display – Revolutionary wi-fi tablet HMI, printer may run with/without tablet; one tablet may be used to communicate with multiple Streamline printers or other Squid Ink printing systems using Orion software platform
  • Message Storage – Virtually unlimited
  • Software Features – Bar codes, graphics, counter, lot counter, shift code, time and date, expiration date
  • Operating Features – One button print start / stop, control print delay, reverse print, invert print, bold print, auto-start self-clean
  • CleanJet™ – Quick and easy one button start/stop process for automatic self-cleaning operation
  • Communication Inputs – Photocell/trigger, encoder, reverse print, external counter increment
  • Communication Outputs – Alarm light (3-color), print ready, warning
  • Ports – Ethernet, RS-232, 3 USB ports for communication/wi-fi, alarm, tablet charging
  • Printhead – Compact and durable stainless steel design, omni-directional print capability
  • Printhead Dimensions – 9.25” (23.5cm) long, 1.5” (3.8cm) in diameter
  • Printhead Cable – Vinyl-covered armored conduit; 9.8’ (3m) umbilical length standard; 13.1’ (4m) optional
  • Cabinet Construction – Stainless steel cabinet
  • Cabinet Dimensions – 18” (46cm) H x 16.25” (42cm) W x 12.5” (32cm) D
  • Electrical Requirements – 90 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Operating Environment – 32°F – 140°F (0°C – 60°C).
  • Humidity Range – 30 – 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Weight – 46 lbs. (21kg)
  • Inks – Comprehensive range of inks for a variety of applications and industry requirements including MEK, Acetone, and Ethanol-base; colors and soft pigment formulations available; no chips or RFID tags to deal with


  • Print Trigger – Optical, fiber optic, ultrasonic, laser, metal proximity, capacitive proximity
  • Encoder – For operation with variable speed conveyors
  • Low Ink Light – Alerts users of low ink situations
  • Scan and Print – Allows message selection via bar code scanner
  • Mounting Brackets – Fully adjustable printhead floor stand eliminates vibration from conveyor
  • Stands – Stainless cart with two shelves to hold CIJ cabinet and supplies, includes casters
  • Printhead Pressurization Kit – Requires plant air
  • Cleaning Kit – Includes tools and supplies for cleaning
  • Installation and Training – On-site installation and training available

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