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Make Your Products Jump From the Shelf

Shrink sleeves are an ideal solution for marketing your products to make them stand out on the shelf. Shrink sleeve labels cover your container from top to bottom and can be designed with 360 degrees of full color graphics,text, and even unique finishes. With full reverse print capabilities, our shrink sleeves are the perfect solution for stimulating shelf appeal to your entire product line, even when using the same container for all of your products.

Get Your Product Noticed, No Matter What It Is

We provide economical shrink label solutions to a wide variety of users who manufacture or co-pack beverages, foods, nutritional supplements, personal care items, pharmaceutical products, household chemicals and more. AFM provides users with a choice of film grades and materials that offer substantial savings in operational costs and increased production speeds.

Example of Middle Shrink Sleeve

Example of Full Body Shrink Sleeve

Example of Full Body & Cap Shrink Sleeve

Example of Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeve


  • Up to 9 colors on PVC, PET-G, PLA, OPS
  • Rotogravure, Flexographic, or Digital Printing
  • Available in roll stock film for automated machinery or individual cut bands for manual applications
  • .03mm – .06mm gauge film available
  • Lay flat sizes from 20mm – 400mm
  • Supply your own graphics, or let us design your label